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We welcome our online visitors from every corner of the world. You are at the right place if you are:

  • an antique collector, or just someone with excellent taste
  • looking for quality antiques
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    searching for something unique or extravagant 
  • collecting valuable pieces that are to be treasured over time
  • looking for a special gift for that special someone
  • Estate Sales & Antique Valuations in Montreal region
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    We also buy, call us at 514-831-0466

We are here to offer fine quality antiques directly to you the collector or why not ask us to find that unique antique item for you!

Each item is handed picked by us and through our exhibitions and website we strive to offer you unparalleled service and quality antiques at competitive prices.


Featured Products!

  Whether your home is contemporary or classic, there is sure to be a niche for at least one of our fine antiques or collectibles as seen in
many of the architectural and interior design magazines. Our antiques are carefully selected and we continually update our inventory,
giving you an ever changing, wide array from which to choose.

We are also seeking to buy quality general antiques, including, Chinese,
Japanese porcelains, cloisonné, silver, figurines, etc.

Call us now at 514-831-0466

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